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Programs & Services

HPHH provides a variety of programs and services to struggling families and individuals to help them through hardship and get them to a place of self-sufficiency.   We serve a very diverse group of people included families, single parents, veterans, people with disabilities, terminally ill, and homeless. 

We provide the following:

  • Food

    We serve nearly 2000 people each month with enough food to keep them fed for two weeks. Each family or individual is able to come every two weeks for groceries.

  • Case Management

    Everyone who comes in for assistance meets with our Case Manager. During this meeting we help to set goals, timelines, and get a better understanding of how we can best serve each individual case. We also assist with job placement, housing options, and other resource connections in the area.

  • Job Connections

    We partner with local and national companies to help find employment opportunities to individuals who are able to work. We also help connect personas with disabilities to employment opportunities.

  • Classes

    We provide a variety of educational opportunities for personal and professional development. These classes include, personal finances, nutrition and cooking, resume and interviewing skills, job skills, relationship building, and more.

  • Partner Resourcing

    We provide food and other resources to partner organizations serving our region.