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Our newest program, Fresh Start is an innovative approach to creating sustainable life transformation.  Our organization saw three major areas of need that were not being addressed in a sustainable and healthy way and decided to proactively come up with a solution:  

  1. Fresh Food - Proper nutrition is a key element to the physical and mental development of children.  For adults, having the right foods to fuel your day can have a significant impact on work and life performance.  To put it simply, we just were not able to provide adequate nutrition to the people we serve We asked around and found that we were not the only ones struggling with this need.  In fact of 40 organizations we talked to, 100% of them said they were lacking fresh produce.  So we decided to grow it ourselves using an innovated, highly efficient means of doing so.  We use aquaponics to grow up to 200% more food per square foot using 95% less water than in ground farming.  Our fresh produce is all organic and is being distributed to all our clientele, as well as other organizations across our area.
  2. Jobs - We have a lot of clientele who are considered unemployable as well as those who are really struggling to get by.  We created a job program around our greenhouse to be able to offer job skills and income to people in need.  Through this process we are able to help train people in management, conflict resolution, strong work ethic, and a variety of other skills that will encourage them to stick with a job and make them more marketable to employers. 
  3. Relationship Building - We use this program as a tool to build relationships with people who are dealing with major loss, hardships, terminal illness and more.  The program allows us to work one on one with people, and begin building a relationship that helps to heal and push them towards a self-sufficient and fulfilling life.